unity 5 compared to ue4?

ok so unity 5 is out now…anyone know what the diffrences are between the 2?

I saw that they have real looking HAIR for Chars there…

Well it’s free, right? Why not just download and find out for yourself.

I imagine there are probably pros and cons that may differ according to your particular project.

OK, Let’s speak one more time about Which is the best. And I hope I can stop taking this conversation anymore :slight_smile:

Unity Or Unreal? What is the best?

First the platform, Each of them was made/built for different reason. And then both of them tried to cover it’s weakness point. While Unity started as a mobile Engine, Unreal started as aConsole engine. Both engine support console and mobile. But it is very obvious that Unity is better for mobiles while unreal is awesome for Consoles and PC. But at the end of the day both are cross platform and both support almost all the current platforms in the market.

Second Quality, U5 have a nice new features, but remember that those features were supported by UE since UE3. And it is very obvious that UE4 quality is a lot better (comparing to the performance) thank Unity5.

Third the ease to access, while Unity have a super easy API that allows you to write tools easily or make gameplay scripting super fast; Unreal gives you the FULL ENGINE SOURCE CODE to twist the whole engine or even fix the engine bugs without need to wait for another release. And also give you the BP system that make the gameplay scripting super easy too.

Last is the license, super clear. Unity ask you to pay for a license when you reach 100k$, this license could be 1.5k$ or more, based on your game supported platforms, and I think based on the team members count (per seat license). While Unreal asks you for just 5% of your quarter revenue if you passed 3K$. Both looks nice deals; but it is back to you to pick the one fits your need.

Both have forums, live streams, good documentations, assets market & nice support. But not both have a long history in the industry; Unreal’s history is more older :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my opinion, take it or leave it. But please don’t argue…it is all mine!

:cool:Personally I almost flipped to UE since the minute it was released last year, I even made videos and wrote books for it. It gave me the power of quality, the ease of access, the platforms that I’m focusing on, and the license that fit my financial situations! But still have client who already decided that they want their projects on Unity or they already had the projects sun by Unity.


thank you mamoniem, thats all i wanted to know…im using ue4 cybereality…just wanted to know if unity 5 is getting the same as ue4

I’ve tested Unity 5 and haven’t been too impressed over the new features. The new graphics features aren’t really that great, you have a PBR shader, but since it’s Unity you can only use it the way they designed, with UE4 you can customize your materials however you want and make them more efficient. The new lighting system is also much much slower than the old one, sure you can have dynamic lights with it now, but it’s super slow to build the lighting. And they’ve hardly done anything to improve the UI.

I don’t think those Asset Stores are comparable. For me Unreal Asset Store is it’s biggest disadvantage. There is almost nothing there and prices are higher compered to Unity Asset Store.

As a previous Unity user, I am not impressed with Unity 5 at all. There’s really not a whole lot they changed. They fixed a few bugs that should have been fixed ages ago to begin with (like lights rendering improperly if you had two sitting too close together), but other than that no really big features.

The biggest advantage Unity has over Unreal is how many platforms it supports, however Unreal is quickly closing that gap.

My advice is to stick with Unreal and learn it all, you’ll be able to make any kind of game you can imagine. :slight_smile: