Units in 3DS MAX

I know that there are two unit settings in 3DS MAX. One is set at the “Units Setup” dialog box and one is set at “System Unit Setup” dialog box. UE4 requires system units to be set to centimeters and I can set the drawing units to meters. I created a tool for creating simple 3D models of houses using 3DS MAX 2016’s new “MAX Creation Graph” - MCG. I think that MCG ignores drawing units and use system units only. I had to set system units to meters and when I import FBX files into UE4, I have to set scale to 100. Any suggestions?

Set both units to CM.
Then just create a box with the dimensions you are looking for and make sure its the correct size.

When I use the MCG tool to create houses and the system units is set to CM and the drawing units is set to meters, the houses are always created using CM units instead of meters units.

3ds max units is smaller by default. There is a 2,54 factor difference(coincidentally Cryengine has the exact same number). If your object in 3ds max is 5 meters tall, you will have to scale it 254%, which is 5 m X 2,54 = 12.7 m in 3ds max.
You can also set your 3ds max units to be 2,54 times bigger. Though I myself don’t like doing that.

That is not true. Max scales 1:1 if set to centimeters and proper configured.


Sounds more like a MCG issue to me. Why don’t you use centimeters in MCG as well? I don’t use 2016 so I haven’t seen that feature yet.