United Zombies Recruit 3D Artists and Animators and Riggers - You can ask for other positions


Project Title:
United Zombies (UZ) (Title and Logo are temporary)

This 1st post page will be UPDATED Sometimes !

Oh yeah… Again another Zombie Game… But why !??
The main differences are small inovations and an optimized gameplay to make it the most fun as possible.
Also we will try to correct the frustrating failures included in games like Day Z or H1Z1 (check the comments on Steam you will understand)

The concept is inspired by TV shows like:
The Walking Dead
Etc …
And inspired by games like:
Day Z
Left 4 Dead
The Forest
Etc …

The Game in summary
United Zombies is a Online Persistent Open World Zombies Horror Survival Game

This is not yet the end of the world but the zombies are spreading in your region and you must stop them at all costs and survive the chaos…

Zombies population grows every hour.
They appear randomly in the rural areas in small quantities.
They appear in large quantities in the villages because they are attracted by the smell of humans.

To survive humans needs to hunt, find natural medicines, etc … in the rural areas.
The most interesting items are in the villages that are infested with a large number of zombies. mutual assistance is needed to succeed in obtaining these items.

If a human is bitten or scratched by a zombie, he get sick and a countdown force to heal as quickly as possible
or become a zombie and will in turn attack other humans for a while.
If the human suffered of several bites, he will become more quickly a zombie.

If the zombies population exceeds a certain threshold, the neighbor gouvenement will appreciate a powerful bomb and destroy all the area.
The zombies counter will be reset and all players will lose all their equipment.

Incidentally, the players who will be better equipped will be displayed in the list of the most wanted persons and manhunts will be organized.

**Here a little part of the GDD Draft ** (sorry for the faults and spellings)


  • 3rd person gameplay
  • 1st person gameplay optimized for VR
  • Nervous and well thinked fights system with various possibilities
  • Persistent Open World that keep states, exemple you chop a tree this tree will gone for ever if there is not the bomb reset.
  • Some purposes similar as the Battle Royal mixed with the survival mode.
  • Strategical features
  • More to come… (ideas in mind for exemple, Customizable Mad Max Cars Style, zombie animals, etc…)

Team Name:
Shin-Kaneda Team

Team Structure**:**
My self as Project Manager and the Blueprint Lead developper
and some team mates of the Shin Kaneda Team
More informations at

Previous Work:
Still in progress the SWA Project

We Recruit:

  • 3D Artists

  • 3D Prop Artists (Weapons, various equipement objetcs, etc…)

  • 3D Character Artist (player characters, clothes, zombies, etc…)

  • 3D Rigger (player characters, clothes, zombies, etc…)

  • 3D Animators (Zombies, etc…)

  • Game Level Designer (Procedural placements)

  • Others Skills can be welcome, contact me then we discuss about it.

Important ! Before you apply !:

  • Royalties are based on the integrated elements to the game with a ceiling of 50% regardless of the skills in order to have a balanced sharing between members.
  • You are agree to participate financially to purchase some MarketPlace Packs and the rent 1st Hosting Server,
    we share the expenses together and it help to involve team members because they invest into the project as well.

How and Why this project ?:
Most of gamers like us like to play online with friends to have fun but sometimes we get frustrated by failures.
So we want to prevent that and make a really fun game and make gamers involved and have a good experience.

This is also financially interesting, exemple with H1Z1 with many extentions that are all sold even the game is still an Alpha !
For the main game H1Z1, the base price is around 20$ and they got +2,455,449 owners, we are talking about 49 108 980$ ! (without expenses and tax)
Similar results for extentions !
So why not us ?

Also the Virtual Reality is being strongly grow and we want to be ones of the first on the market.

The main plan is to develop the game in early access soon as possible and add new features and perfect it with time.

This project can be done fast and well done because we dont have the same constraints as the SWA Project and we got nearly 1 year of experience
with testing and find the best workflow with SWA Project, so we are experimented.

Project Status:
Allready done !
Network system is working, just some adjustments to do with new features.
The procedural map with 2 marketplace packs+1 landscape tool
Day and night feature from the MarketPlace Pack.
Weather Pack from Market place ready to be added.
Character moving, running, equip/unequip riffle/gun, boxing, all are with mocap packs
Healt, thirsty, hunger, temperature, endurance bars are quickly designed and functional

Even it’s a prototype, the game allready look beautyfull and fast with no bugs !

Now working on the inventory system…

Answer to this post or PM Sayato on this Forum. (i prefer posts because the mail box get quickly full)

I like your sketches.
Reminds me a lot of a good buddy who love to plan and think ahead.
Good luck for your project.

Thanks a lot Luftbauch i really appreciate your cheering !

Items select and move are done

We Recruit:

  • 3D Artists
  • 3D Prop Artists (Weapons, various equipement objetcs, etc…)
  • 3D Character Artist (player characters, clothes, zombies, etc…)
  • 3D Rigger (player characters, clothes, zombies, etc…)
  • 3D Animators (Zombies, etc…)
  • Game Level Designer (Procedural placements)

You have started that game project Sword and Shields about a year ago, and are still looking for people for it:

Now you start another game project United Zombies here? Why dont you finish one game instead, or at least develop it to a certain milestone to proof that you can do it? You would attract much more people the other way round.

Hi Xeny, the answer of your question are in these post,!
read it carefully please.

Why we do 2 games in same time? Because they are totaly différent to build, for exemple the swords arena project have tons of animations that are home made and the united zombies use the motion captures packs so less specifics animations to do by hand.

Also we hope to more artists to join us to release one of these project faster.

Hi Sayato, only one question: Why Zombies?

Because they are easy to animate lol
Well i didnt decide this alone, we beleive its still trendy and its a nice playground for the troller and other survalists mixed with the zombies that will mess around.
The main reason is its more easy for us to build this game faster than SWA and we have tons of packs adapted for it. So less works to do for the artists that are hard to find and keep in the team.
Also most of us are gamers and we are frustrated by some functionality of the acuals zombies games we want o make it more fun to play and more inovative without the frustrations we encounter usualy.

I can certainly understand utilizing those assets to maximum effect.

I do admire the core premise behind the Survivalist Horror Genre, but, feel the basic Zombie is *played *out. I would prefer to see other ‘Monsters’ used. Sure Monsters could be humanoid, but something new, not a Zombie. I considered Demonic Clowns in this discussion. I personally like Creatures Features and can easily see non-humanoid monsters used. I get inspirations for Monsters from stories such as Stephen King’s: The Mist and Hunter Shea’s: The Montauk Monster.

Dismemberment features would allow me to tolerate the use of basic Zombies. It’s simply Fun to dismember/destroy Zombies in various ways; the more ways to do it, the better! I’ve been in a few discussions (1, 2) with other devs implementing Dismemberment and there are challenges. A feature known as ‘Bone Break’ is apparently missing from BPs, which simplifies the dismemberment process allowing bones to be detached from the skeletal rig. However, this shouldnt be a deal breaker as there are workarounds and opportunity to innovate a new destruction system exists. I assume you’ll apply some strategy from SWA in this department.

I’m attracted to Projects with a Royalty, and my faith in such projects strengthens significantly when the lead developer acknowledges the fact: yes, we are deveoping a game to generate profits, and has a plan to do so. To reach the H1Z1 potential requires a Marketing Stategy, and this is an area I would really be interested in hearing more detail.

Hi techlord, i had read the post about clown before and yeah it could be interesting.
For the moment we focus on standard slow zombies, some could be clown,policeman,firemen,etc… to make some variety in the zombies population but we need more artist to build them. Same for the 4 legs zombies, i wanted some dogs like in resident evil 1 but its not easy to animate 4 legs characters.
Who knows some fater or very differents ombies can be added later but for the mment we build the core game system.
Dismemberment Will be included for sure.
About the profit strategy its long to explain but here simple elements o know:
Steam have more than 1 million visitors per day, when you release a game on steam the game will be on the top page for 1 month.
Lets say 1 million viitors per day on 30 days = 30 million of potencial customers.
Its raisonable to think to get at least 1 million customers that will buy the game at 30 $ so 30 000 000$ to earn and share royalities and invest i to new features for the game.
If any of you know wherr to find good 3d arist, rigger, animator, feel free to tell :slight_smile:

@sayato What is with your Arena game?

Hi Luftbauch
Please Go and ask a more precise question there

Here a quick demo that have been done 1 monh ago

We still Recruit:

  • 3D Artists
  • 3D Prop Artists (Weapons, various equipement objetcs, etc…)
  • 3D Character Artist (player characters, clothes, zombies, etc…)
  • 3D Rigger (player characters, clothes, zombies, etc…)
  • 3D Animators (Zombies, etc…)
  • Game Level Designer (Procedural placements)

Send me an email man!

Welcome to GAMEnt into UZ project

Hi guys !

I’m looking for serious and steady team mates for various UE4 projects based on royaly.

Why this thread ?
Because its realy hard to find good team mates and work seriously on some projects when nobody get paid during the devlopement.
Also i want a solid core of members for the Shin-Kaneda Team and become a Studio later.

More details about why there!

Indie Games Projects in progress :

Others projects are allready planed and some professionals will join join us with paid contracts, but here i’m looking for team mates who really want to work for royalties and beleive in these projects ideas from the begining.
We are more looking for fundators than oportunists.

Requierements are :

  • Minimum age 20 years old.
  • Free from any obligations like other contracts, too busy with work or children, etc…
  • Plenty motivated, involved, serious, steady, polite, open mind, trustable, etc that make sense.
  • Reactivity, be able to answer quick as possible to messages, inform your team mates, finish what you have started, etc…
  • Agree to follow the plan, participate and give new ideas.
  • You have Skype and audio ready, agree to use trello and other tools related for organisation and planification like Google Calendar.

We need experimented team mates, only the best will’be selected after Skype audio interview.
So if you are really motivated and interested to join us, please copy and paste this template with your detailed informations on thisnthread.

**Name: **Jonny Walker (use link to link to your forum profile)
**Location: **Your country
**Portfolio: **link of your previous works

**My skills:** UE4: BP 3/5, Network 2/5, Shadering 1/5, etc... 
**My best skill is: **modeling poney with blender 3D
**Graphics or other category:** 3D Modeler 4/5, Rigging 2/5, etc... 
if you have an other category skills add it with your level of mastering ?/5
**Softs: **Maya 4/5, Zbrush 2/5, etc...
**Participation: **i can invest 50$ into assets, servers, etc..
**Time: **i can dedicate 15hours per week, my country time is gmt +1, im generaly available in week from 7pm to 11pm