Unit Measure


What is the unit of measure of the UE 3 engine?
Can I work in meters or centimeters?


Distance in UDK and UE3 is in kind of a meaningless unit called “unreal units.” https://webcache.googleusercontent.c…&ct=clnk&gl=eg (That’s the Google cache of a page that I can’t bring up.)

The relative scale is mostly what’s important. For the most part, the Unreal games tried to keep a consistent scale of 1 cm = 0.5 uu. But there’s no reason why your game needs to use that scale. Just keep all of your own meshes and velocities at a consistent scale, everything sized correctly relative to everything else, and you’ll be fine.

Thank you nathaniel.

I’m getting this message from the compiler about Player Start; but I don’t know how to solve it.

Only 1 PlayerStarts in this level (need at least 16)

How can I correct that in the UE 3 ?


Just a guess… In the editor, open that level, open your Content Browser window, go to the Actor Classes tab, and search for Player Start. Click on Player Start, and drag it into the level 15 times.