Unique Orchestral Soundtrack for your next project

Hi there,

, a composer for games, film, animation and media. I have a deep passion for music as well as 15 years of experience on the international stage. Comfortable in a wide range of genres, I have a particular specialty in (small or large) orchestral soundtracks with prices that are very reasonable. My compositions start off with pencil and paper, I never use generic sound bytes or loops, meaning that each piece is uniquely and finely crafted.

My commitment is to bringing out the magic in any project, working closely with media creators to bring any world to life. With an instinctive grasp of melody, my music is never simply “sound filler”, but has a life of its own which enhances, while never distracting from, the final product.

Check out my latest project - the game ‘Riko’ by Spyr, as well as a playlist of soundtracks composed with a range of different moods, atmospheres and ambiences.

‘Space Battle’ Theme

‘Fantasy Tavern’ Theme

‘Adventure’ Theme

‘Nostalgia’ Theme

‘Spanish’ Theme

‘Innocence’ Theme

For any more information, feel free to head to

If you’re looking for some music for your next project, get in touch. You won’t regret it :slight_smile: