Unique index for each blueprint instance for get node

Ok so I’m creating a traffic system using splines, I need a unique index for each blueprint instance. The reason I’m using a get node is because all the vehicles are being spawned in so you can’t edit the reference of the spline, also they are using a parent class and the get node is for the spline by using Get All Actors of Class.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Using the level blueprint to edit the variable for the index
  2. Making the variable editable (comes out as the same index)
  3. Tried using ForEachLoop
  4. Simply just placed the spline component as the target

help me plz

Didn’t get IT what you try to do…If you Spawn a Traffic sign in the spline Points you can use The spline Points as an Index in this particular BP. If you want to have several BPS each with an Index Put Them Into the Level, give Them an int var, in Level BP (or a seperate Manager actor) get all actors from class of that BP and iterate Over the Return array and Set their int var to the Array index

what im trying to do is get a different index for each instance, so 0 for the first one and 1 for the second and so on. but what ever i try to do, it comes out as one number or it shows all the numbers but not just one

What if you get all the references (as an array) after they are spawned, and for each set a different variable ?