unique identifier?

Hello everyone,
first let me apologize if what i’m going to ask is just nonsense

After taking (what i think is) a deep look at blueprint i saw there is not an unique identifier as is. The closer to that is the “self” node but this is an actor value is not something i can convert to anything readable to write in an external file. So this is what i’m asking: Is there anything like that in c++? Any kind of ***ID ***to identify any instance of any BP among the others (which is writable and readable)?
When I say ID i’m refering to something similar to what ID is in Game Maker: A unique Integer identifier given to every instance of any object placed on a level (room in gm :P)

Thank you everyonr for your time!

this->GetName() might be what you’re looking for.

To be more specific, GetFName() would be more appropriate as the name is returned as FName instead of FString, making for much faster comparisons and lookups.

FNames are not as “unique” as, say, GUIDs, but some rough assumptions you can base yourself on is that you will only have one actor by a given FName in a level, and you will only have one component by a given FName on an actor.


Thank you both for your help ^^

I guess “FName” is not the equivalent to “Display Name” in BP am i right? because it is stated in the help not to use the “Display Name” as a uniquely identifier of actors. So just want to confirm :confused:

Thanks again for your help.


“DisplayName” in the engine tends to mean the metadata attribute that lets you present a different name in blueprint for a property or function.

The editable name that you can set on actors in the editor is GetActorLabel(), off the top of my head. It is not to be used as an identifier because it only exists in editor builds.

Ok cool, thank you very much.
Then i’ll stick with GetFName() :slight_smile: