Unique characteristics for multiple actors of the same class


I’m new to UE4, and decided my first game will be a Pokemon game. I’ve never really known how to code, so a lot of the nodes functions are lost on me, even with tool tips. I have yet to find a video (videos help me best) that explains my predicament.

Basically, I want to know how to set special characteristics for multiple actors of the same class on the fly. Say, for example, I have a level 45 Charizard who knows Fire Blast, Roost, Rock Smash, and Steel Wing. On the other hand, another player has a level 64 Blastoise with Withdraw, Hydro Pump, Bite, and Pound. How can I set types for multiple pokemon, and change them on the fly if, say, Charizard uses Roost or someone’s Trevenant uses Forest’s Curse? How can I change 1 Pokemon’s moves without changing the moves for ALL Pokemon of the same actor class? How can I make a list of moves that all actors can draw from and put in their own lists (lvlup moves, egg moves, etc.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

There are a Lot of implementations for this.

The simplest method is using parents blueprints.

Parent BP = Pokemon
Child BP = Blastoise

Pokemon has Health and Mana Attr
Blastoise, child of Pokemon will have Health, Mana and any other attrs you want.


In your specific case, I recommend using on “pokemon” class an array variable, editable, containing a Struct of Habilities, another for debuffs, and another for buffs, for example.

Look That:

What kind of struct variable should I use? Theres a lot of them, and its a bit mind boggling…

Create Your one. On Content Browser, right click, go to Blueprints, select Structure. Now you can implement your structure as yours needs.

Sorry for late reply.
So, create pokemon master blueprint, put in struct array variables for moves, types, and whatnot, and parent the actor (pokemon) blueprints to the master?

Reverse. Make Arrays of Structures. An Array of Habilities, another for Buffs… that kind of stuff, so, it will be easy to on child Blueprint (Blastoise) customize it, addiding more habilities, skills, buffs and debuffs.

The Struct will be your “class” for a Skill for example.