Unique BP Tutor/Advisor opportunity

Hi, I’m looking to hire a BP specialist/Tutor and advisor for a project I am working on.

What I am in need of is someone that can provide me with personal solutions and guidance on topics I can present them regarding Blueprint Programming. I’m also interested in the prospective person having the ability to video and record explanations in English, of the topics as the main method of tutoring.

A simple way of looking at it is;

I ask you a specific question on how to do something and you record a video specifically for my topic with a detailed explanation. Then this video is made available me as part if the tutoring.
Payment structure would be based on a few factors that I would be happy to discuss with interested people. This is a perfect opportunity if you are interested in creating tutorials since I find I learn best from watching tutorials and reviewing sections at my own pace especially when I need to review.

I find it a challenge to follow tutorials that don’t specifically address the question I have. With the shear amount of material on YouTube it becomes more difficult to find those answers amongst dated channels and videos.
My ultimate goal is to learn and do so at a pace that potentially paying an hourly tutorial rate via Skype can’t facilitate.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Would you want ownership of the tutorials, or for personal use only and author retain rights?

I think that is what would effect the cost/price the most.

Great question. I’d only want them for personal use. They would be free to monetize them however they wish and retain the rights as it would be their recordings. But specifically geared toward my needs.