Unify Editor 'Details' transform copy/paste and Blueprint Editor 'Details' copy/paste

The transform in the Editor ‘Details’ has copy/paste for sub-components but does not in the Blueprint Editor ‘Details’ (only copy/paste for whole transform). Additionally the copy/paste format of the Editor is not compatible with the Blueprint Editor Transform/Vector/Rotator variable types and vice-versa.

Editor Details:

BP Editor Details:

Copy format of Editor Location/Scale(paste not accepted by Vector type property):
X=0.000000 Y=0.000000 Z=0.000000

Copy format of BP Editor Vector (Editor version actually accepts this one):

Copy format of Editor Rotation(paste not accepted by Rotator type property):
P=0.000000 Y=0.000000 R=0.000000

Copy format of BP Editor Rotator(paste not accepted by Rotation property):

The 2 different window property editors should accept the different formats or standardize on one. Also it would be cool if these properties supported drag and drop :slight_smile:

Hi bleeds187,

Thanks for the feedback. We have confirmed the issue and logged a report for it.


Was this ever fixed, the copy pasting of the entire transform part?