Uniforme personalization system!

Hello guys,

I made a personalization system in flash and intend to do it in the engine, but I wonder if it’s possible, or even if anyone has idea how to do.

My system is flash:


Reference as I’d like to stay, but changing the colors of the uniforms: ://messi.resn.co.nz/

That’s pretty easy to create.
Either you use blueprints, static meshes, UMG and materials for it -> just switch the materials on your mesh in the blueprint or entirely do it with UMG. So just use textures for that :slight_smile:
UMG -> https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/UMG/

I can change colors through the mesh umg but change the color specifies a detail of a shirt, which is in jpg, how can I do this? you know any way?

Watch the video: ://messi.resn.co.nz/

summarizing my intention, is exactly that, though a color palette on the side and be able to exchange the red and the blue uniform! It’s possible?

You just have to create a material with that texture + use the “set material” node to flip it :slight_smile: