Uniform Grid Panel slot padding

I was following this tutorial and the instructor is using some 5.0 preview version. I’m using 5.0.3.

He creates a UGP and adds children dynamically, he sets slot padding statically on the editor and it works on the video.

I realized mine was not working. So I had to set it dynamically on the BP to make it work.

Is this intended or bug?

Obs: Making the padding on the slot widget also worked, but I was interesting in making the UGP slot padding work.

Illustration of the solution:

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Hey @dev_brabo! Welcome to the community! I’m having trouble recreating the issue. I’ve manually created the Uniform Grid Panel, sized it to content, and can manually adjust the slot padding in the editor details panel correctly. Can you replicate this issue? I’m thinking it may be a bug. Could be that it’s not respecting the padding after the children are added dynamically. Going to write up a little script for it.

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Yo, sorry It was late and I did not express myself well.

Yes the editor is working right, I should have stated that, but I said statically.

After some tests I tried the slot padding inside the blueprint, because adding a child to the UGP ignored the editor slot padding settings.

Then I asked myself, did the dynamic behavior ignores it on purpose? Not sure, since old versions were working fine.

OR ofc I pressed some wrong settings by accident, let me know if your dynamic slots are respecting editor slot padding.


All good! So I can’t replicate it failing, it respects my padding each time I add a new one regardless of row or column. Are you adding it during the constructor? or destroying any of them as they spawn? As I’ve recently found a bug with destroying the object while it’s constructing causing phantom UI. Also are you using Add Child or Add child to uniform grid? Only one of them will assign the rows and columns.



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Add child to uniform.

Well, I gonna post the other half and investigate this other time, this tutorial is just my start in UE.

Thanks and glad to see how you guys do things around here, I’m impressed.

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Always happy to help! Feel free to drop a post on the forums whenever you hit a blockage, we’ve got some real wizard community members on the forums that can solve almost anything!