Uniform + dynamic item list quite difficult to do?

Hi, I would like to create a item list similar to this:


Where each item slot has the same width as height and there are always 6 slots horizontally as everything scales to the width of the whole list. If there are to many rows a scrollbar will be visible but if there is lets say just one row the size of the slot and whole list remains the same.

I have tried different approaches for this but just can’t get it to work. Like the grid panel if I set it up to have 6 columns with each having size 1 it just ignores that and creates 2 columns. I would have to fill it with dummy elements but that doesn’t work well with the dynamic list height. The Uniform Grid has also its issues if I just add one row with six elements it tries to scale everything vertically to the whole height instead of keeping the width and height of the slots the same. There is an option for min height but not for max. I tried to fix this with size boxes and/or scale boxes but nothing seems to work well as they always try to adjust to the height, do to much or don’t have an option for it.

Is there any decent way to create such a list which has a dynamic height while keeping the size of each slot uniform and in relation to the whole list width?