Unified Modeling Language

I’ve been studying ways to create a good design document for my project and found that, currently, the standard for software development is the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and apparently there’s no other option other than that o.o

From what I’ve read so far over the internet, some said it’s hard to learn and should be used in more complex cases, because informal documentation is an option too.

There’s a section here inside the wiki that someone has already made some diagrams in UML and seems to work pretty well for its purpose.

What’s your opinion about UML? Are there another viable options for software architecture documentation?

Your design document shouldn’t contain details pertaining to how your mechanics are actually implemented, just how they function from the perspective of an observer. UML is about systems architecture - your programmers and system designers might use it, though I tend to find game developers don’t bother with it, as implementation of individual systems tend to be left to the person responsible for implementing them, rather than having them dictated to them.

Got it. So a plain text, using markdown is probably the most common used.

The thing is how could I communicate to programmers how we should design the code other than a white board and lots of spoken explanation. I’d love to document this in a formal way or using techniques to communicate software design. So that, anyone would be paired of how the overall system should work better than leaving this to individual interpretations…

I’m a beginner in project management and this is the first time I’ll work with a team. I need to find out how to create the best experience for them to communicate and design the software and the future implementations = )

Let them work out how to build it, and to organise themselves; that’s their job. If your document is well put together and your mechanics explained clearly, concisely and mechanically, then you should have little issue with their implementation. In short, if you don’t get the results you expected, your description was probably off.