Unicorn Racer Intro Video

Finally Finished My Unicorn Racer Introductory Video for the game soon to be announced for release.

What do you think?!

**Story: **

In a magical land far far away lived an array of beautiful and mystical creatures, they all lived together in perfect harmony.
Each magical creature has their role to play, the ware wolves are the protectors of the kingdom, the Yeti’s build as they have amazing strength, the Dragons are sent to collect food and other necessities and only fight when absolutely needed the Unicorns are the peace keepers and love to maintain and run around the beautiful gardens of the kingdom.

Wanting to reign over all of the kingdoms the evil Chimera stormed the peaceful kingdom of the Unicorns.

Due to ancient custom the Chimera challenged them for the right to rule over their kingdom, the magical creatures decided this was best determined by the ultimate race. “We need to race for our land and for every bit of magic that lives here!” cried the Unicorn King. Swiftly the magical animals headed to practice for what would be the race for their freedom.

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