Uni Masters Project

Hey everyone and anyone , Just a video here showing the first milestone towards my environments module in university based around a dungeon crawler. All and any feedback is welcome !

Update !

I’ve gone ahead and moved this to the “Work in Progress” section of the forum for you. Hopefully that’ll allow people to provide a bit more feedback =) Looks good so far!

I would get rid of the snow and tone down the fire and smoke effects a lot, they’re really distracting. If you absolutely have to keep the snow, at least make it not glow and make it a bit transparent. Right now it looks more like fairy dust than snow. Some changing wind effects on it would make it a lot more interesting and natural-looking too.

Definitely either put your camera on a spring arm, or make objects between your camera and character become transparent. Being able to see what your character is doing is a much higher priority than fancy scenery (I should think).