Unhide Bone, wrong place for a single frame

So i have a very basic reload animation that hides the magazine bone, then when a new magazine is inserted it makes it visible again. BUT for a single frame when i show the magazine, it’s in the wrong place, making seemless and smooth ‘reloading’ animations kinda impossible. Anyone know why this might be happening. The Animation BP itself is very simple just have a notify in the animation and a hide and un hide bone node attached to them.

Hi, i have the same issue, did you solved it by now?

Same thing here. It’s as if it comes flying in at mach 20 from far ahead of the character right as it appears.

Using 4.18.2. I’m doing the hide/un-hide from my weapon BP.

Stranger yet, it doesn’t happen if the character is moving when the bone reappears.

It’s motion blur.

You can disable it globally, but if you want to be more surgical, in the SkeletalMeshComponent options is a setting called “Per bone motion blur”. Turn that off.

Gotta give credit to my buddy iamQ for making the suggestion.