Unhandled Error Crash

For a weapon (I was working with the basic pistol), if you go into the Components and change the “anim Blueprint Generated Class” to none, it will crash the Dev Kit when you play the level and try to pull that weapon out.

If you import a skeletal mesh that is not properly rigged, or does not have a skeleton, the “anim Blueprint Generated Class” gets switched to none.

This pretty much goes for any “missing” references, or in this case none at all when trying to use something that is missing it, from my experience.

I’m not sure I fully understand the issue here, because from what you said it sounds like the fix would just be to import a skeletal mesh that is properly rigged. Static meshes work fine for anything that isn’t going to be animated generally speaking.

  • Sinari

The Kit should never have an unhandled crash to desktop.

Well its an EA game with a Dev Kit. It’s going to happen occasionally. I can reproduce a number of these crashes very easily. I’m not saying I’m okay with these crashes, but as long as the Dev’s are made aware, then it will get fixed :smiley:

I hope you don’t think I was dismissing the crash being an issue at all, because that is not at all what I was doing >.<

  • Sinari

No worries. You missed the point entirely lol. I didn’t ask for help with the issue. Wildcard wants to reproduce unhandled exceptions, so they can prevent the CTD. We have to document them, so they can prevent the Kit from crashing.

I understand documenting them, it’s a must to keep progressing forward with development.

Part of the reason I so adamantly help people is not just for the service of helping others, but also for the service of helping the developers for all that they’ve done for us. I apologize for misunderstanding your initial post, but I spent most of the day troubleshooting, and it’s also a bit late for me (5 AM) so my noggin isn’t at 100% :wink:

I didn’t realize initially by unhandled you meant essentially zero callstack, so that was part of my confusion initially as I was expecting to see one. Sorry again for the confusion lol

Thanks for documenting this, this helps everyone out, and it’s always greatly appreciated by everyone

  • Sinari