Unfriendly Learning experience in China

I am a student in China, because of some reason, most of us who live in China can’t visit YouTube.
But most of the learning videos are in YouTube.
Obviously there are three ways for us:
1, Use some tool like VPN, sock to visit YouTube
————Problem 1 : The connecting is not stable, the speed is not good
————Problem 2 : Not everyone can use it expertly

2, Visit some of them in Youku
————Problem 1 : Youku is a very very very bad video website, it’s a rogue, not a video website. If I want to watch a 5 min video I should watch a 1 min ad first !
————Problem 2 : There is no subtitle in Youku
3,Give up.

I think, could Epic move the learning video in bilibili ?
I am not the employee for bilibili, I am just a user for it.
There is no too many ads, we who want to learn engine don’t need to bear Youku’s ads.
There are many audiences, and they send comments as a special way called Danmu(Barrage) , if all the videos can move there, the enthusiastic audience will translate the subtitle spontaneously(If the English subtitle is move here too)

That’s all.
I wish someone can reply me, thx.
(It’s first for me to write feedback, if there are some error, welcome to point it )

As a Chinese and a two-year ue4 user, my recommendation is to get a good VPN. You need one not only for youtube, you will need one acturally for everything.

  1. Maybe try HSS ?

What’s the ultimate goal here: A. Get work in the industry. B. Create Indie games?

If B here’s my 2c:

YouTube is a popular platform to view other devs work and get insights and even reflect on your own efforts etc.
But its not nearly as invaluable as a learning tool once you reach a certain threshold of familiarity with the editor.
i.e. Even at 1080 res, it can be tricky to work out all the underlying BP / C++ / Editor properties behind each clip.
Plus, you don’t build confidence that way. YouTube becomes a crutch which can interfere with your own approach.

So dump the YouTube dependency if possible and work on your own original game concept & plan it out that way.
This might seem very unstructured, but you make serendipitous discoveries that bring useful gameplay elements.
Also deconstructing other devs work in Community Tools / Marketplace / Code Snippets / forum ideas is invaluable!

BTW: Even with good broadband, YT can hang constantly when scrubbing, despite using Host file / Ad Blocking etc!

Epic could host all their videous on some other site too and i personally think they should do it, while usually “i cannot get access from here” is your own problem and you should find solution by yourseld, but in this exact case, i think its in epic best interest.

great suggestion!

I know it is rough, but he is right. I’ve actually LEARNED more by trial and error than using Epic’s Tutorials (sorry, I love you Epic). Not because they are bad, they are quite good and easy to follow, but you are basically only learning how to copy what someone else has already done. Learn on your own, read documentation to learn what functions actually DO, not just how to use them for a desired result. There are countless times I am trying to do something I’ve done before, but don’t know how because I originally did them by following along with a video.

Note: Everyone learns differently, what I (and franktech) said may not apply to you, maybe you learn better with video tutorials, but if you can, TRY to learn without them. It’ll be better in the long run. Good luck!

Is it legal to download and send you youtube videos?

Hi 您好,
现在在我们已经将官方 Youtube 账号下的所有教学视频(包含 每周更新的 training stream)到 Youku 官方频道 (
另外,我们也在腾讯视频上有官方频道,这里也在逐步更新官方 Youtube 下的视频教学内容 (,腾讯视频这里广告较少。

Move to Japan.

Great solution luny!


扎克啪的双摇杆 BUIBUIBUI 教程](扎克啪的双摇杆 BUIBUIBUI 教程_哔哩哔哩_bilibili)

Why is youtube not working in China? Can’t you just use the US website - Works fine from Germany.

Anyways - you will hate to hear that - but Video tutorials are often overrated. I have gotten into UE4 without any videos at all. The bad point about videos is that many are not even done very professional, so in many cases you will just replicate steps shown in the video without even understanding what you are doing. Try to experiment much on your own. DO the tutorials that are in the engine. Read the documentation. I am sure there are some great tutorials on youtube, but don’t expect too much from them. Learning UE4 is more what you do not what you watch.

Nope he/she cant, because it is a US website.

I wonder if epics policiy allows downloading videos from their stream and uploading them to youku. Is it allowed?

VPNs works in China? Or it`s illegal? Has anyone tried VPN in China to watch YouTube videos?

I’ve been looking at wikipedia about blocked sites in China, Yes, YouTube is blocked as well.
But anyway China have serious reasons to block a couple of several PSMA counterparts!

Anyway, I hate to break it to you, but video lessons are frequently overrated. I was able to get inside UE4 without seeing any videos. The disadvantage of videos is that they are not professionally produced, so you will often simply repeat the procedures depicted in the video without knowing what you are doing. Experiment as much as possible on your own. COMPLETE the instructions in the engine. Take a look at the documentation. I’m sure there are some excellent instructions on YouTube, but don’t hold your breath. Learning UE4 is more about doing than watching.