Unforgiven - Marketplace projects

Hi everyone,

We have a few packages already in the Marketplace and we wanted to make a thread that can be used to share our work in progress as well as solve your doubts in any other package we have already in the Marketplace. We will update the first post when new packages arrive and will post some work in progress as well as sharing anything that can be useful to you!
List of UE4 Marketplace Packages

**Hoverbike System

Dark Fantasy Knight

Modular Fantasy Knights

Ready Platforms

Customizable Deadly Traps

Iconic Pickup Items**

We are working on some cool package that contains magic crystals, here is some early WIP:

More progress on these:

Working on materials, need to make sure it looks like the reference so there is a long way to go::

Work in progress for new animation package about Spell Attack

Been super busy with work but finally, we can update some of our packages. We are currently working on the Hoverbike system 2.0, which is a free update for all the buyers. It will include support for multiplayer games, more flexible blueprints and will also include a landscape to use in your projects.


Here are some screenshots from very early WIP of the desert landscape:


We are close to finishing our multiplayer support for our Hoverbike system!

In the meanwhile, here is a sneak peek of a new package I’m sure you will find useful!


Working on the High Poly details!