unfair standards for becoming a fortnite creator

i am an UE5 dev and i think it is unfair that to become a fortnite creator you have to have spent 21 days in creative i have interestst mostly in UEFN i spent a little time in creative but not that long i just want to publish my maps for the world to see

Hi Toonstone, I was feeling the same at first but then I realized… it’s going to take me more than 21 days to create something truly engaging, and in that timeframe, I can log into fortnite once a day and engage with the actual game I want to make content for.

Overall, it is a strict rule, but I also think if they are going to pay devs, they want devs that are engaged with the actual game.


I kinda agree, I just want to hop into UEFN and start publishing right away. I like playing Fortnite, but I was very excited for UEFN and now there’s a sort of gate I have to pass to really do what I wanted to do :frowning:

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it is just awful, they need to streamline this.

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They are trying to keep the spam down. With the monetization system they announced, 10 million people that never played fortnite suddenly wanted to.

I am also an Unreal Dev, but I have to wait the 21 days too. My map wont be finished by that time, though.