Unexplained 60 second network timeouts for NDI and OSC plugins in 4.25

I’ve been working on some virtual studio stuff using Newtek’s NDI plugin to bring in a green-screen feed and Unreal Engines OSC plugin to send commands and vive tracker data over OSC.

I had previously noticed that my NDI feed would freeze after 60 seconds when ever I use the “Standalone Game” option, but worked just fine if I played the level in a viewport. Since then I have been integrating the OSC plugin and realised it would also stop receiving messages after the same 60 seconds.

The OSC plugin stops receiving messages after 60 seconds, no matter what mode I use to play, the NDI feed freezes after 60 seconds, but only in Standalone Game mode.

In 4.24, the NDI feed doesn’t seem to have have this issue (haven’t tested OSC in 4.24).

I’ve tried editing the BaseEngine.ini and changed any 60 second timeouts I found to 120, but to no effect.

I’ve uploaded a video where you can see both plugins timing out together…

Any idea what might be causing this? I’m quite new to Unreal so I’m lost for ideas.


I’m having the same problem, you managed to solve it, thank you, thank you

Having the same issue but it cuts out after 20 mins, sometimes 1 hour, It is never stable.
Did you manage to fix your issue ?

I’ve got the answer.
I got a warning: Outer object not set. OSCServer may be garbage collected if not referenced.
So I just need to add something to the Outer pin on the Create OSCClient or Create OSCServer node, maybe a “self” node.