Unexplainable, Undying, Seemingly Invincible Character Lag/Jitter

Ill start you off with this

What you see in that video Is 2 Clients running as standalone games on a dedicated server with Use Single Process unchecked

That, AND the packaged game with the packaged server, are the only time this jitter, lag, chop, w/e you want to call it, occurs.

When playing with Use Single Process CHECKED and in the regular PIE. There is virtually no jitter.

I have:

  • messed with every setting under CharacterMovement
  • Cranked up all the IPNetDriver settings in DefaultEngine and DefaultGame
  • “copied” the CharacterMovement code from UnrealTournment and tested the character with that movement code (HUGE. Took me over 2 weeks, and the movement in that game is F***ing smooth)
  • Moved character using AddMovementInput in blueprints and c++

I’m at a complete and total loss with this. The only thing that seems to work is the SmoothSync plugin by Noble Whale on the marketplace, but there is heavy movement latency involved with that.

I see Fortnite. I see UnrealTournament, I see Gears 5, Sea of Thieves, Rocket League, Street Fighter, MK11. What are they doing differently from me here?

What has really thrown me for a loop is the fact that my character was using the same code as the base UT character and STILL looked like it does in the video if not worse.

So any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!