Unexpected results with Blend Pose & Layered blend per bone.

Hi all,

I was trying the blend pose and layered blend per bone and ran into a behavior I don’t understand. My goal was to apply an animation to the upper body and another to the lower body (only the legs).

The problem is that with the blend pose, it seems that the fact that the pose is changed at some point, when resetting everything (input values), the final pose is altered.

I stripped all my stuff to make it more clear. My example is with the side-scroller template project, just modifying the character animation graph for the picture attached.

So if I take 3 points in time (A, B, C).

A : Speed is at 0, everything is fine, the character is idle

B : Speed goes to 375, everything is fine, the character legs are running and upper body doing the idle animation.

C: Speed is back at 0. The character is idle, but the foot are now moving a bit and not animated like the complete idle animation as I would expect. Also, depending on which frame I stopped running, the movement off the foot seem affected differently.

Anyone knows why this is happening and what I am doing wrong ?