Unexpected program state during texturing


I am using RC promo licensed version. In any project, the alignment and Reconstruction of Normal details/High detail finished well. But when start texturing, at the very end time it shows a red colored message (attached picture).

What is the problem? Does anyone have some idea?

My PC configuration:

CPU: i7 7700 CPU 3.60GHz

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
HDD: 1TB (this is where the data and project files are stored)
SSD: 250GB (only running the OS)

Different number of images, different settings showed the same problem. Image size was 6000*4000; taken from 7 m height using 3DR drone.


Yes, it happens some time.

My 5 cents :

-Try again,

-If that does not work, clear the cache and try again. 

-If that does not work, ask again giving more informations about your project and your configuration.


what steps did you make and what settings did you use that led to this error? Did you run Unwrap before texturing? What settings did you use?

This message can appear when you are using default unwrap settings (style Maximal textures count, textures count 1) and you have a large model. RC cannot fit the whole texture into one which leads to the error. In the next version in such cases different error message will show up explaining the reason of the error. 

If this is the case, please use the Unwrap tool first and either raise texture resolution, maximal textures count or use different unwrapping style (e.g. Fixed texel size).