Unexpected Input - version specific

Here is my issue. When I start a new project: vehicle template (basic or advanced) and simulate, the car immediately takes off to the left - with no input from me.

I have unplugged all USB inputs. but the problem persists.

If I do the same process in 4.15 the problem doesn’t exist. Any version from 4.19 and above have the problem.

If I pull the 4.15 project that works into 4.19 or above, the unexpected input appears.

when sharing the project that is broken for me, it works fine for someone else running it.

This leads me to believe I have some input happening that I’m not aware of, and Unreal started checking for that only after version 4.15. Perhaps Midi or something. Can anyone tell me how inputs may have changed after 4.15 so that I could track the problem?