Unexpected Crash when clicking Compile after deleting Variable

Issue: After deleting a Variable, the Editor unexpectedly crashes when compiling a Blueprint with child classes.
Expected Behaviour: Mark child classes as bad/dirty, so that they get recompiled too.
Actual Behaviour: Crash To Desktop.
Log File: http://pastebin.com/4iHALyP9

If I figure out more accurate reproduction steps, I’ll update this. For now that’s all I know.

Reparenting the child classes causes a crash too. I guess I’m switching to C++? Not sure what other options there are that don’t include “create everything from scratch again”.

Edit: Reparenting the last child, then going backwards, worked fine. Made the blueprints all bad though, as the functions no longer exist.

Edit 2: Managed to crash again, this time by compiling a completely unrelated Blueprint. Perhaps I wasn’t made to use Blueprint. >_>

Unreproduceable as it is apparently file corruption that causes this. Closing until I know more.