Uneven Terrain Item placement

What settings need to be adjusted to have a placeable item’s X and Y rotation adjust to the terrain instead of staying 90 to the horizon?

Built a grave mod out of the sign blueprint: Pet Sematary

The Meshes are rather large and when placing on uneven terrain large gaps are formed between the bottom of the mesh and the terrain.

Trying to avoid trial and error as the mod is already public on the workshop.

Honestly save yourself the headache and just stick them into the ground a bit. Very normal thing to do for games.

Yeah that is plan B, they are just so large that even a small slope equates to a large gap at the end.

I would do a hit check on the edge of your tombstones, check to see the distance between the tombstone and the ground, and apply a rotation. No idea what the math would look like for that, but I’m sure it’s 100% possible.