Uneven light and material on the surface

Please help , i copied the same model from the default and i applied the same material (M_Basic Wall)
i don’t understand after i press the build button with the quality of production the result surface in uneven which supposed to be seamless. still i can see the connection of the wall per piece.

thank you in advance.

I believe setting the lightmass scale lower (.5 or something instead of 1) fixes this. I haven’t run into this problem myself though, I’m going off my memory of other threads about this problem. There might be some other settings you can tweak that will help.

Different meshes are processed on different threads on your cpu, hence the small differences. Try to make the wall a single piece is possible, try to hide the ‘‘seams’’ where the player can’t see! If you really can’t then do what Wilkes said and maybe raise the lightmaps res and the indirect lighting quality higher! Good luck.

You can improve it by increasing the lightmass quality setting and reducing the smoothing though that will increase lighting build times. Best thing is to avoid constructing things that way, those meshes are very simple and you would get better results all around if it were a single mesh instead of being made of multiple objects.


Thank you guys for the tips and information , now looks so much better . I tried to play around the lightmass setting (static lightmass 0.1 and indirect light to 2.0)
but still i’m not sure what will be the effect of this in the future if i have a lot of model mesh in the scene . Thank you all.