Uneven Auto-Node-Type-Conversion implementation

I have noticed that dragging and dropping certain nodes, such as an Int to a Float input, automatically brings up a conversion node. This is great.

However, not all nodes have this auto feature. IE Object to String. You have to manually find and connect the conversion node.

Can we get the rest of the possible conversions mapped so we can drag lines without digging for the proper conversion node? Thanks!

Which auto-conversions are done has been a matter of much debate. The available options are those where the conversion is absolutely unambiguous. However, for cases where there are multiple things you could conceivably be going for the choice was made to not do the auto-conversion.

In your Object → String … which function do you think it should automatically pick?

We may well have missed one or two that should be supported, and are certainly open to reconsidering some others. One idea that has been tossed around but hasn’t made it up the priority stack/gotten enough buy-in is in the case where there is ambiguity pop up a small context menu to pick which to use. Do you think that would be an improvement? Or do you think we should pick the most likely and have people who don’t get the behavior they were expecting update the automatically placed node?

I think the context menu is an excellent idea!

Yes, I also think in the case of ambiguity, a context menu with all the possible conversions would be the best way to go, the programmer himself always knows which one he intends to use, so that way he can just choose and be done with it.