Uneal Engine 5

Is it true that we can put in a UE5 Project thousand of Trees with 200.000 Polygons and more, all in 8K Textures with Enemies, Characters detailed careless without focusing on LODS and everything around it?

Thousand of trees… No, Nanite doesn’t support foliage or deformation, wont be used for characters either.

You will be able to use insanely high polycount models without needing to worry about LODs, they’ll just mostly be used for the environment.

Regardless, I’m still going to optimize, It’s very annoying to go on CG trader and the guy selling an sandbag with 50,000 Polys.

It’s always better buying very high-poly models instead and then manually create mid or low poly versions as needed there. If you got the high-poly version you can modify it better if you need to.

A sandbag should never be 50,000 polys, I’m creating my title from scratch if everything goes well. Re create from the ground up