Undocumented "Use Io Store" packaging setting

What exactly does this option do in the “Project Settings>Packaging” options? It is literally right underneath “Use Pak File” and the tooltip says “all packages will be put into one or more container files”. That doesn’t really give me much to go on. What “container files” does it mean? Is it referring to multiple .pak files? Or is it something else? It seems to be undocumented in the 4.25 patch notes.


I seen that and I wonder what it is also.


Me too.

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Hi, any update on this thread. I enabled this one that help to reduce a lot of loading asset time, but there are some issues related. Thanks


I don’t know Japanese :v


How is this feature still so poorly documented?!

Bumping this old thread for others since there is almost no documentation on IO STORE

For me this saved my game. I am porting my game to the Xbox Series X (4.27plus) and I was getting terrible texture lag and frame time jumps.

Packaged with IO STORE and my game runs perfectly smooth! So all I can add is if you are packaging for the Series X turn IO STORE on (and Create compressed cooked packages)

I believe it also has to have Oodle plugin on (which is installed and on by default in 427)


I’ve been deep diving on cooking for the past few months. I’m in the same boat (lack of English documentation), but I think in general, you will want this enabled. It uses an improved architecture that speeds up load times (up to 28% based on those slides), which is beneficial for Unreal 5 features like nanite. I don’t really see a scenario where you wouldn’t want this turned on for new games in development. Potentially turning it on for older games might improve loading times, but at the cost of forcing the patch to be the full size of the game. It would be great for someone at Epic to educate us all on this.