Undocumented LoadComplete() in UGameInstance: Unsafe or Omission ?

Hi. I spotted this undocumented function (as per the current…nce/index.html) that was added on June 8, 2017 (commit dbc4422) in/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Classes/Engine/GameInstance.h.

This virtual function is fired once a map is loaded from the UEngine::LoadMap() method but there is no other method in the engine that uses it.

Is it undocumented because it’s unsafe to use, or by omission ? It seems to be a great way to start checking a bunch of stuff to add / remove from map once it’s loaded.

Your thoughts ?

Guys 3 years, we won patience war meaning deserve medal of answer, don’t we ? :>

Need to see what is the code is about, as 3 years ago, it might have been different.