Undocked windows reduce performance by nr. of windows

Hi everyone,

I recently reinstalled a fresh copy of windows and Unreal 4.11 and 4.12
Everything runs great as long as it’s one window.
If I undock the contend browser, the performance halfs;
undock the details pane and open matinee it’s down to 3-4fps.

Also, when I click on a dropdown button, like the one for matinee, the dropdown animation seems slow and there’s a noticeable stretching in the text for a second before it’s displayed properly.

I’m attaching my dxdiag to this question in the hopes it helps.

link text

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This may have been solved.
I uninstalled EVGA precision X and fell back to Afterburner for fan control and the performance drop almost disappeared.
There’s still a ~30fps drop but that just means its 90-ish instead of 120-ish so that’s perfectly acceptable.