Undo delete subcomponent when playing leads to crash

To reproduce in 4.7.2

  1. Start with a blank project
  2. Create 2 blueprints, BP1 and BP2
  3. Add BP2 as child actor component to BP1
  4. Place BP1 into level
  5. Play once, stop playing
  6. Delete BP2 child from BP1
  7. Play again,
  8. Without stopping playing return to BP1 editor and hit Ctrl-Z. BP2 subcomponent reappears.
  9. Stop playing
  10. Save BP1
  11. Crash

Hey scha,

Thank you for the reproducible steps for this crash. Although I fully expect to get my own, just to make sure they match up, could you please also provide us with your crash logs and dmp files generated from the crash as well as the callstack?

Just for future reference, we have some helpful guidelines on how to report a bug or a crash on the Forums that I think would be beneficial to you if you come across another issue you need to report.

How to Report a Bug

I will report back here after I have tested the issue.


4.7.2, Binary version, Windows 7 64 bit


Hey scha,

Thank you for the extra bit of information I requested. I was able to reproduce the crash you are reporting and have created an official bug report for the issue with the tag UE-11769.

We always appreciate users sending us feedback as it helps us improve upon the Engine and its features. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you.