Undo buffer

Hey Guys
I have been making games for over 30 years and I have had enough of typing in 1000s of lines of code so I am loving the whole blueprint thing, however I think you should not clear the undo buffer when playing or simulating as sometimes a developer wants to try something out and press undo a few times and they are back to where before the test.

In many other programs we can set the length of the undo buffer, so when we screw up or i have gone down a wrong turn we can simply undo it back to another state.

Can you please look at adding this change to your list of things to do.


This is already on the list of things to fix up in the immediate term. The undo flushing was the unfortunate consequence of some issues with Component reinstancing that needed to be addressed. Those have been addressed, and we’re currently testing and verifying that we can safely remove the undo buffer clearing while playing.

Hey thanks that’s great, i don’t know how big the undo buffer is but i imagine its limited in some way so another thing would be nice while your there is to be able to set the number of undo’s as in 3ds max i set mine above the default as with editing anything its sometimes a series of many small moves that end up in a wrong direction.