Underwear Missing from PlayerPawn Meshes?

I’m not sure if this is a known issue, or I somehow messed up a texture, but both of my PlayerPawns are missing the underwear in their Mesh. I checked the original models, and they are the same.

In the Component editor for PlayerPawnTest_Male, I see a SkeletalMeshComponent asset “male_underware”, but I can’t edit it.

Is it just me? Is there a fix?

I should have mentioned I have my own PlayerPawns. I can see the “under_ware” is not showing up on the Mesh3P. I can duplicate it, and add it to the mesh, but it won’t save.

For god’s sakes, someone help me get some underwear on all these people!

Hey MustangDood,

I have the same problem with my pawns. I thought I found the solution, I found a way to get the undies attached to the custom pawns (copy the component from playerpawntest_xxxx (male or female) and paste it into yours.) This has the result of the underwear meshes showing, but above the heads of the pawns like they are in the default pawns - but unlike the normal pawns, when you launch the underwear floats over their heads. ><
On a related note - have you tried test with PIE but with the female instead of the male? (I have female-only armor, so testing it on the male is rather silly.) I’ve been able to force the female to show in PIE, but when she does, she is static, no animations work.


Have you followed the steps here?- YouTube
Because those spawns seem to have underwear correctly. I’d recommend Duplicating the Pawn classes, rather than Inheriting.


The original meshes also show no underwear. The default “Human_Male_TPV” has no “underware” on the model. I can duplicate it, but it’s still missing.

I’m pretty **** careful with not modifying the original files in any way, so I’m very skeptical I managed to screw this up. Anyway that’s neither here nor there, I just want to fix it. Can you offer any other advice? Is there a way for me to get new copies of this asset? Can Someone send me their underwear?!

Thank you for your reply, I have followed the steps outlined in the tutorial, it actually helped clear up some things originally. I believe the difference is that I went one level deeper and also made copies of the “Human_Male_TPV” male and female skeletal meshes, both TPV and FPV. In testing since the last post, I found that by reverting to the core TPV and FPV files corrects the issue and works as in the video above. I was able to correct the animation issue I was having on my copied TPV rig. Interestingly, even manually inserting and moving the underwear meshes into place can work, if you set the underwear to the same animation blueprint. It seems to work well for the female, but not the male, when he runs or jumps they aren’t in sync. For now I’ll stick with my new pawns using the core skeletal meshes. I was really only messing with those to see what I could do about making new alien species to play as. My thought was to do it by creating a new ‘gender’ definition, but that value seems to be locked at two currently. Hopefully it will be among the variables that are planned to be exposed in the future.



Here is more information, if you can help me trace backward to a solution:

Resolved. Missed the re-parent step. Feel like an idiot.