(Underwater environment) Water from beneath the surface is tiling in VR googles, how can I fix it?

I’m making an underwater environment in VR for my diploma in UE4.26. Recently I changed the water that I created a few months ago to the one that comes with the 4.26 version. Despite how good looking it is from above, the situation is changing under the surface. So, as I mention, I’m making underwater environment… and when I’m looking at the surface of the water from the bottom of the ocean in VR googles, I can see that the tiles are freaking out. When I’m working on the project everything looks fine and in the “simulation mode” also. The whole “disco tiles mode” turns on when I’m in “VR preview.” I must say that I love this new water in 4.26, but I am unable to use it now [FONT=Segoe UI Emoji]:frowning:. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Maybe it can be fixed easily, but I don’t have enough knowledge? Unfortunately I can’t upload the video so I hope that these images are just enough to visualize the problem. I’d appreciate any help on this topic.