Underwater Audio

Hi there.
I’m currently working on a swimming system.
I’m struggling with the Audio though.

I’d like to have the following:

When out of water, I can’t hear anything that’s inside of the Water
When inside the Water(The Camera), play a continous sound(unchanged), play sounds within the Water with some effects. Play sounds outside of the Water with another effect.

What is the best way to do this?

Place an audio volume where you want certain ambient sounds to be played, like an “underwater” noise when the player is underwater.

In the details panel of the audio volume, go to the Ambient Zone settings. There you can change the volume inside and outside the volume, and control fading in/out.

If you want certain sounds to play as the player jumps in and out of water and stuff like that, maybe just use some blueprints. When you detect the player jumps in, leaves, enters, etc. the water play an audio cue.

My Ambient Zone looks like this, but somehow everything is unchanged…
(for test purposes…)