Understanding the Player Model


coming from unity i would like to understand the player and camera thinking in Unreal. I would like so make a small test Game where i have an orthographic top view and can move the camera a bit to the sides. Also i will have some interactive elements on a plane so there wont be a player moving around , its me myself touching, pressing, and so on… . would i use a camera for this setup or use the standart view?

this is a newbie question so dont be so angry with me. :slight_smile:

What I would do is use the Third Person project, delete the mesh of the ThirdPersonCharacter, and then delete the pitch and yaw of the controls, so the only controls left are the WASD controls. Also, rotate the camera so it is pointing straight down. That should be the quickest way to get started. :slight_smile: (Unless there is a top-down project that is already set up that way).

Oh, that sounds great.