Understanding ProfileGPU and how to correct Performance Issues?

Hey Guys,

Ok, I can see how Performance can be an issue after my Level has gotten larger and now contains many different things like Emitters, and Larger Actors.

My queston is this:

How can we correct slow downs?

If I have static meshes and I sclae them up rather large, is that a Performance punch?

Does anyone have any tips that might be able to help with this?

I don’t want to go in a direciton that will cause major slow downs and not understand how to correct them…


Here is my Current ProfileGPU in the current scene that could be heavy hitting. Do these numbers look ok?

How should I look at this?


I guess I will just go with the flow on this one and just look out for the longer colored lines.

I am guesing things like Dust Particles/Rain/ and Steam if not used properly could cause slow downs.


you are on the right track I must say.

what about the HUD? try using custom events to update values instead of the bind, binding uses ticks which kind of an impact on the FPS a bit, that’s my tip for you.

also as you said above that you are using a large map and lots of actors, did you consider trying cull distance node to less on the performance when far away from them to hide them?

ok one more tip but before I say it, do you have a graphic settings menu in-game? like (Low-High-Epic)

Great Idea. Is “Cull Distance Node” something you can set? Like Blueprint property?

I was thinking aobut the performance for the gamers user base.

Not everyone has a i9 Chip for sure…

Hi OKJA123123123,

Ok, I found this in the world settings “Mono Culling Distance”.

It looks like the default has been set to 750.0

I have to ask, should i change this to a lower setting? How can i calculate this?


hi, sorry for the late notice! been busy working on my own project.

the higher the further away it will disappear.
the less the number the closer it will disappear and you don’t want that.

if its an open world, I would prefer in my opinion to make it 2000+, specially if its a 3rd person game , where the sight is vertical and the experience of the player seeing something disappear not so far from him would really Su**, so I would set it even higher, it depends on your game overall.

there are so many methods of cull distance to be done, some with collision boxes some other I didn’t figure out yet. but im using “Cull distance” on event begin play of all the actors they spawn or placed in the world, not just those but also the tile! trees rocks, everything! you will see a crazy impact on the performance this node can do!

Hi OKJA123123123,

Thank you very much for replying. I will raise up the Cull Distance since i’ve got some long views going and I am in Third person.

I was also wondering, is there a way to change the gamemode override to a different mode, in Game? Can you do this via blueprint?

I want to toggle back between 2 different gameplay mode overrides.


i don’t think so.

you can do it through level transition between maps but not in real time.

That’s the one. sorry I got you misguided!.

make sure to use instances or HISM, the improvement can be quite significant

Thanks kenhennen, I will look into that.

I have renamed you to “boofoosal” since that’s a little more descriptive for you…