Understanding product submission form

Hello everyone,
once again I don’t understand the product submission form

We are able to select multiple engine versions for one uploaded file.
For example, I testet my asset pack for 4.18 - 4.22 and it worked for each version. So I filled out the form and selected each version which is supported. The UE4 version of the package was 4.18 so every newer engine version can easyly upgrade the content.

Some days after I’ve submitted it I got a mail from marketplace support, that my package just contains UE4.18 files and I need to add all other versions.

So my question is, why do we have the possibility to select multiple versions when we need to upload a package for each UE4 version?
In this case the version title is also unnecessary.

Do I have missunderstood the form or maybe the marketplace support don’t know how to handle it?


For all assets, except C++ plugins, you can mark all versions on a single file you are submitting. It must contain a mark at the last engine release. The files are ok even if in 4.18

So it’s enough to upload the asset pack with an last engine release and it will be compatible with all downgrade versions automatically? Sorry, but I need a more specific answer here.


Nope, I didn’t say that. You just need to upload a single zip file with content in 4.18, but mark in the submission all UE4 releases from 4.18-to-4.22. One single submission, 1 file, thats it.

Thank you for the explenation NilsonLima**. **
I will try it again.