Understanding network with BP


I have been starting up on the network blueprint tutorial a few times and am beginng to understand the basics.
However i am still rather confused on initializing and setting a multiplayer game up.

Let’s sat i just want to create a 2-player game of any kind, one computer hosts along with playing, and another somewhere on the internet connects to this and join the game.
Is this possible with a rather generic blueprint setup, or does this function (only the setup and connecting part) involve a heavy amount of coding and knowledge about ports, protocols, IP adresses, server setup and what not?

I’m just trying to assertain if a multiplayer game is no man’s land for me, with regards of how much time it will take me to learn to set up a functional game.

Cheers :slight_smile:

There are tutorials, docs and content examples with working multiplayer, so search for them.
It is not hard to create multiplayer for a game entirely in blueprints.

What is hard about multiplayer is that it has much more restricted blueprint communication (compared to singleplayer), replicating events to server and back to other clients etc.
So if you want to make multiplayer for your game better start working with it from beginning, and be ready for some total code reboots, until you grasp ideas about unreal networking. No ports, forwarding and all that is not needed.

But before you jump to multiplayer, do early prototype of your game as single player and learn events, interfaces, dispatchers and all that stuff in unreal BPs first. Without that knowledge multiplayer will be pain in da butt to learn.

I have become fairly proficient in using BP, as i in time have created lots of (learning/unfinished :stuck_out_tongue: ) projects. I have just been reluctant to dive into the networking aspect. I will ofc. look some more into it and wasn’t expecting the magical solution here, i was just curious about how much Non-UE4 specific knowledge is required to make two specific computers on the internet connect to each other.