Understanding Level Blueprint, Project Blueprint, and World Blueprint


I’ve been working in unreal for over 6 months but am still unfamiliar with certain things… I would love some info on the following:

1. Project Settings: This blueprint… seems to do nothing? No matter what I put in it, nothing happens. Very confused about this one.

2. World Override: This blueprint seems to be a generic blueprint that always exists, but not tied to any level. However it seems to reset when the level changes?

3. Global Blueprint? Is there some kind of global blueprint (or c++ class) that launches at game start and persists through level changes? I’m just unsure how to properly track global things, play music that persists through level changes, etc.


  1. You’re looking for Game Instance. You create a new one and set it in your Project Settings in Maps and Modes

Perfect, thanks!

While I probably won’t need them, I’m still curious about the purpose of #2 and #3 if anyone knows. :slight_smile:

So in the case of what you’re pointing to in your image,

#2 Project Settings: this is a game mode you can set for your project, to be the default one everytime you create a new map; that’s pretty much it

#3 World override: this will simply override #2 with a specific one you need to use for your current situation; i.e. maybe your game is a FPS with some driving levels, you might need this current level to use the driving game mode cuz well, this is going to be a driving level with car chases, etc.

Let me know if that makes sense!

Wanted to point out, that the drop down menu you are referencing in your pic simply provides shortcuts to some of the same stuff available in the Project Settings window. It’s just multiple menus and buttons that access the same stuff. I personally like to setup my Project Settings in the Project Settings window, and I tend to set those options when I first start a new project.

@anonymous_user_ba1ec701 Carver

That makes perfect sense!
Project Settings: Applied to every map
World Override: Overrides the above blueprint for specific maps.

The wording they chose is kind of odd, oh well. Also thanks, didn’t know those were just shortcuts. I’ll check out the project settings. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s like in most programs; the creators tend to put the same commands in multiple menus. Maya is a good example of that; many commands can be accessed by hotkey, main menu, or hot box, etc.