Understanding how to organize textures/materials/objects to sell an optimized asset

I know that it has to be into “Marketplace” but here I need a feedback about the concrete usage of the models.
I’m not a game developer, I’m a 3D artist that wants to approach to game models too. I know already several requirements of optimization, but I’ve doubts about assets.
I’ve made an asset of medical props, just to try.

There are 16 static objects (I made a multiple of 4 on purpose). Each prop is low poly and has 512x512 texture set, with BaseColor, Normal map and Smoothness map (those “orange” roughness maps with 3 channels, r,g,b).
I need to understand how’s better to organize it.
I know that the ideal thing is to not have to draw multiple materials and to have as less separated objects as possible, for performances. So, following that, I could merge together, in tiles, all the textures and UVmaps into a single 2048x2048 texture. But since this is an asset and the user is supposed to place the props where he wants, is it better to keep the objects separated and to have 1 single big texture? Doesn’t it afflict the performances in having to draw the same material for each separated objects, or, does it draws it only once for all?
Or also, maybe would you prefer also some separated available groups of medical props packed together in 1 single object, put already in pose?
Well, tell me what you’d prefer, for optimization.


I’d only use large texture atlases for assets that will almost always been used together. Its a hassle to separate one model from the rest if only one is being used. What I find most useful is when asset packs contain nicely setup and customizable materials so its easier to integrate those assets (adjustable wear, colors, emissive intensity, etc).

Thanks, but so, in terms of performances… One big atlas for -separated- objects is the same as drawing 1 different material per object? Or is it better?