understanding and implementing a jumping animation

Hi everyone,

i’m very new to unreal engine, and i’m trying to do some basic 2d side scroller work. I’ve been looking for tutorials and other forums posts but this specific question i can’t seem to get an answer for, and based on what i saw in another forum post, i saw this same solution so i’m confused or not understanding why it’s not working here.

My short term goal right now is to have my 2d sprite run the idle animation when standing idle, do the walking animation when walking and do the jumping animation while jumping. Currently he stands idle and walks fine but when he jumps, the walking animation plays. I have this blueprint setup, i added

a flipbook that is connected to the jump action and goes to the sprite, i’ve set the flipbook to A_Jump which is my jumping animation flipbook. Is this the right way to go about it? and what am i missing? or am i way off the mark? Screenshot below of my blueprint.

This tutorial shows you how to correctly add a jump animation -> ?v=cCl1DHhIYeY (around 40 mins) or take a look at the paper 2d “stickfigure” game that you can find in the learn tab of the launcher :slight_smile:

thank you so much!

i was intially watching this tutorial, and way earlier on he teaches you to do create the sprite, make him walk etc. and then moves onto terrain sprites, and i assumed he skipped jumping altogether so i never bothered to look, i appreciate the assist i now have a character that jumps! and it also helps explain the animation mechanics at a high level for me so i can use this going forward for other things i want to try