Underscore adds whitespace to name

If there is an underscore at the end of a function/event/variable, a whitespace is added, which is pointless, since there is nothing after it for reference.

Repro: Create a function with any name, and then look at the function’s node in it’s graph. Now add an underscore to the end of the function name, you should see the node extend out a little bit


The underscore adding white space is by design. If you notice, when you create a new function and leave the default name, it will have an underscore that does not show up in the node itself. The underscores are meant as a visual representation of a space when you are using them in function names.

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I am not referring to underscores in general, but underscores at the end. There is no point in having white-space at the end, as all it does is increase the size of the node.

The use of underscores at the end of a function is option, and is not recommended naming convention. However, the underscores do have use in actual function naming, as mentioned in my last post, which is why they remain.

Think of it like this, you have a function “MyFunction” and another function “MyFunction_”. If you remove the white space from the second one, it will be the same name as the first one, which can cause all sorts of issues in the editor, including crashes.

Go to Editor Preferences and turn off “Show Friendly Variable Names”

It works for functions as well.