Underground Level Designer

Project Title: THUNDER!

Description: Right arm is fast FPS action; Left arm is a scepter to slow that action down with elementals. Build your empire, banish your enemies, rule your dynasty.

Includes: Better than free to play design (fresh)

Team Name: Team IMU for IMU Studios Inc. (Development) iPlayMore (Marketing)

Teams: 2-Team Structure 1) App Developers (new) 2) Game developers (experienced growing team)

247 years of combined video game development experience
50+ games released to the market

We have a need for an Underground Level Designer who can take old-school puzzle design, and put that influence into our deep Pits of a futuristic FPS game. Our Pits are a paradoxical plight into a hellish wasteland nexus. Banished from the main game above, you find yourself perplexed, lost in a labyrinth of mazes and dilemmas, riddled with possible solutions. Teamwork allows a faster escape. The twists? To escape the Pit, you might just cooperate with your enemies! But do you trust them? How do we do that? Bridges, and stand on buttons for 2-or more players, for the other. What else? Our Pit needs more skill-based, and puzzle-based development involved (and we’ve done this with our narrowing pathways and tunnels, but it needs more) then the Pit would work for repeated visits, somewhat difficult, even after you’ve learned it.

Do you like dark dingy places with creepy audio? Are you a whizz with secrets, puzzle gameplay, and multiple ‘Half-Life’ type solutions? We need your help on our underground Pits. The confusing places where we Banish players into these lower realms. It’s prototyped, now we need someone to dress it up. Part 3D, part level design strategy. Part puzzle master, part tricky designer, someone like you, who makes people think and puzzle over the possible solutions. Even after they think they’ve mastered it, it still will still turn around and confuse the sharpest gamers. If you haven’t seen enough glowing mushrooms, dripping ooze, and secret passages, with tricky puzzles, then this is for you!

To understand this, watch my weekly live video broadcast here:
Pay particular attention at 36 minutes when I visit our first prototype Pit.

We don’t have any HP in our game. This is much more exciting! Once you have zero shields, you are not ‘dead’ rather that is the bonus secret excitement of our game, as you are in danger of being banished to the Pit. A fate far worse than death (and simply makes a lot more sense how you return to the main game).

Once you get ahead of our development team, you can white-box Pit concepts and underground maps in UE4, and we’ll see if we’re smart enough to figure them out. The other twist, beware the hunters, for in The Pit you can be pursued. Especially for your sins above. With our NPC characters spawning and interactive with the game and the Pit, comes our second twist. Everyone falls for it. If you shoot the creatures near the main level, they are instantly banished to the Pit (because they have no shields). You won’t know there is a problem until you are banished and have no devices to shoot them with. Because they will hunt you there for revenge. If they touch you without shields, you have to start over in the Pit again and hope a different route will find a way out before they find you again. You can imagine, that a brash player, shooting all of the creatures in the game, is going to make a most difficult time for himself, once in our Pit.

Your goal is to bring out the best in this design. Experienced in Unreal Engine 4 and 3D modeling for video game level design, you will be a productive developer who excels at daily progress and testing. Taking our level layouts and pit designs and turning them into outstanding Pit experiences designed for both visual wow and playability.
You have a love and passion for working on level design and creating environments the player can experience in awe. Your goal is to make memorable areas, that focus players, while also allowing them to explore anywhere and find all of the beautiful detail that we build together, having it perform well.

You are experienced in working with Photoshop, Speedtree, audio, 3D and Substance assets. Always keeping those files highly-organized. You will be skilled in Unreal Engine level design, sculpting terrain, following map designs, use of height and terrain tools, texturing using Substances.

You will work remotely. You will track your time. You set forward your hourly wage and currency of choice. You will begin at least part-time so we can name you as our Pit Designer in our Business Plan and we will showcase your work in our progress videos. You will go full time up to 40-to-50 hours a week once we are funded (this will be any day now). IMU Studios is seeking a Pit Designer for Contract work. It begins as royalty to set up the team, then becomes full-time paid work.

We are a dedicated team of professionals. We’ve got a playable prototype and now we need to grow the team to hit our milestones regularly, while our Business Advisor and our Executive Producer bring in the funding they have sourced.

About the Company

IMU Studios is all about creating a refreshing experience for gamers. Its got to be thrilling. It’s got to shake the foundations of the industries we enter. Marketing is simply, ‘streamers need fun game boosts, and to share gear prizes with Gamers who spread the idea virus!’ Gateway is a redeemed App code.

We are assembling a team of video game underdogs, who are all hungry to be the next heroes. We are pushing everything to be more thrilling. We’ve got a lot done, we’ve got a long way to go. We are focused on this video game and its ‘App game-viewer’ and ‘gear-code redemption’ creation.

Our project has both a mobile item exchange application design and a fresh and exciting FPS 3D game that work together in harmony. The App and the game are ‘better than free to play’. IMU Studios is a start-up company owning a mature Intellectual Property. This is made up of a thoughtfully-designed first-person open world video game with RPG elements, a pro-league seasonal playoff system, a deep story as told across novels. Planned virtual goods players can buy, sell and rent. Together, we are making a thrilling prototype drawn from our design, our lore and our characters, all built on this beautiful Unreal Video Game Engine.

IMU Studios was founded when game developer Robert Strutin’s market research revealed fresh opportunities in the video game industry that crossed market lines. Our home studio is nestled in the beautiful, inspiring mountains of British Columbia, Canada, with active Team Members contributing worldwide. Our expert team of game developers and artists are passionate about their craft and producing profound entertainment experiences. We create exhilarating video games that enrich your life and empower you as the player.

Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you would like to join.

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Skype: Robert.Strutin
Discord: add/PM VindaCator