Under what conditions is a question to be reviewed by moderator?


I recently tried to post a question about dynamic bindings and it was flagged for review by moderator.
I’ve never seen that before and didn’t know it was a thing!
Under what conditions would a question be reviewed?

Are all questions to be reviewed now?
(it’s a little meta, but I may be about to find out!)

Hey calembendell.

As a preface, first let me say that the Answerhub has attracted A LOT of spam over the years, so we’ve had to implement a few measures to help combat it (and even then it’s not always enough and some spam still gets through). We know these can cause some inconvenience, but it is much better than the alternative.

Things that will send a post to moderation:

  • Bad words. We have a massive list of profanity that if any one of those words is used, it will send it to moderation. We also have some words in there that aren’t profanity, but are commonly used in spam post.
  • Spam-matching. We use a service that maintains a library of known spam. It checks against every post made here and if it finds a match, it sends to moderation.
  • Too much repetition. Since a lot of spam tends to repeat the same message numerous times, the site checks for too much repetition in a post. We’ve tweaked this to allow most log files, but we still observe some cases getting caught.


Also…we are considering implementing “1st post moderation”, where every user’s first post needs to be approved, but then they are authorized afterwards… but we haven’t turned that on yet.

sounds like i probably got hit by the profanity filter! occasionally my code comments when i’m debugging get a little colourful. thanks for the response.

Thanks Stephen, I was wondering what on earth was going on. I’ve been an active member since 2016 and I never use profanity in my posts. I made a rather lengthy answer to my own question yesterday and included 4 images and 2 links for further reading. I credited my Lord and Savior in the post and it’s pretty pathetic if this site’s filter only understands His name as a curse word. So I tried again by censoring the name with bold HTML text, then Cyrillic characters, but both still claimed a moderator needed to approve. Perhaps your team would be kind enough to approve my post linked below. Thanks so much!

I’ve approved one and rejected the duplicates. Cheers

Awesome; thank you, Stephen! I really appreciate that! :slight_smile:

Hey Stephen, apologies to bother you, but apparently other users can’t see the screenshots in my approved post, even though I can see them on my end. I think the system must have glitched, which is why I cannot accept my own answer either, since I had accepted my first answer before I realized it had been flagged. Now I can’t even access that first answer to “un-accept” it. I think maybe that’s why others can’t see the screenshots? Is it possible to remove accepted status from the first post and remove all posts except the very last one– I’m hoping that might fix it for others. Thanks!