Undeletable editable TextBox (variable) UMG

Hey Girls and Boys,

since yesterday i have a small problem. Since a few weeks i fighting my self through Multiplayer Setup and the Main Menu. Works more or less fine right now.

Yesterday i decided to change some of my widgets, like in the multiplayer shootout, to have a better overview.
I deleted some buttons, also the button you can see on the imagine. But now i can’t delete the variable and the
editor gets an compile error.

that forces, that my main menu doesn’t work anymore, after the first use. First time, after opening the editor, everything is fine. But as soon, as i open the Menu widget and click on compile, it doesnt work anymore.
The Main Menu still pops up, but you can’t click anything.

Someone any idea?

greetz Phil

well, i can’t really figure out how to fix it. but anyway, iám pretty sure, its fixed as soon as i create a new main menu widget. and delete the corrupted one. if somebody have an better idea, go for it ^^